Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India around 5,000 years ago. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj", meaning to yoke or join together. Yoga not only includes physical postures (asana), but also breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. Practicing yoga improves both mental and physical health, and promotes relaxation and wellbeing. 

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pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is an invaluable practice that will help you connect with yourself and your baby, will strengthen your body and your spirit, and will prepare you for birth and motherhood. My classes promote a holistic and active approach to pregnancy and labour through gentle stretches, empowering breathing techniques and deep relaxation to relieve pain and discomforts, boost your energy levels, keep the body supple for labour and release stress. The yoga class is also a space where you can share your experience with other mamas-to-be, let go of your fears and fill your heart with joy and calmness.

Classes are suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy until birth.

mum & baby Yoga

Mum & Baby yoga is a wonderful place to find calmness, bond with your baby and meet other mamas with whom to share the ins and outs of motherhood. My classes are based on trust, compassion and respect for yourself and your baby, and promote a holistic approach to baby care and parenting. Each session includes a postnatal yoga practice to help your body heal and strengthen, fun songs and gentle movements to support your baby's physical, social and mental development, and deep relaxation to release tension and stress. 

Classes are suitable for babies 8 weeks to crawling. 

vinyasa flow

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a dynamic practice in which movement and breath are synchronised. This style of yoga keeps you moving from asana to asana smoothly and continuously. My classes are normally centred around an inspirational theme that explores yoga philosophy, and combine a series of postures and breathing techniques that will leave you feeling grounded and energised.  

restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a gentle and healing practice that aligns the physical and mental bodies by practicing stillness. Using props to fully support your body, poses are held for an extended period of time to help the muscles relax. The slow pace and deep breathing will give you the opportunity to disconnect from the frenzies of daily life and replenish your nervous system as you cultivate awareness. 

* I also offer private classes. The sessions are adapted to your own level and needs.