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FOr Yoga...

"Throughout my pregnancy I looked forward to Sara’s pregnancy yoga classes each week. The class had a lovely atmosphere and I felt that all of the postures were supporting what my body really wanted to do. I would feel refreshed and recharged after each class. I particularly liked the fact that we focused on different areas each week, like breathing or moving. During labour I used some of the breathing techniques and postures to help manage my contractions. I would highly recommend Sara’s pregnancy yoga classes to all expectant mothers."

"I started going to Sara's pregnancy classes at about 15 weeks pregnant and it soon became the activity I looked forward to most each week. Sara's classes allowed me to relax, decompress and forget about all the aches, pains, anxiety and stress which often came during my pregnancy. Not only that, I enjoyed the physical side of the practice and it undoubtedly helped guide me towards a calm, knowledgable and manageable birth. I practised breathing techniques and yoga positions throughout my labour and I believe it helped me achieve the birth I wanted. I met some really friendly women who also attended the classes. Tea after each class was a terrific forum to share the pregnancy experience with other mums to be. I am now so excited to take my baby to the mother and baby yoga classes as I know Sara's lovely manner and serene nature will be a calming influence on my little one."

"I love the balance between activities for baby and activities for mum. I feel like I always get a good stretch and work on key post-pregnancy issues, such as strengthening my pelvic floor, while bonding with my baby. Whether Alexandra needs to feed, sleep or play, it always feels like a welcoming place to be. I found other classes overwhelming, but the gentle movements and lovely songs were just right for my baby from just two months old. Unlike other classes, Sara integrates the baby sections into the session beautifully. I feel like it's a treat for us both."

"I went to Sara's yoga classes throughout my pregnancy and followed up with the mum & baby classes. I loved both! The pregnancy classes were great to help relieve tension, unwind from the week, and prepare the body for birth with breathing exercises and postures that were very useful. It felt like my special moment to breathe during the week, and I appreciated the care Sara took to focus on the specific issues and pains every mum in the class was experiencing. The mum & baby classes were a nice way to have a relaxed, positive moment with the babies while getting a bit of a stretch and strengthening the pelvic floor. My son loved the singing! It's also great to meet other mums as the class is not too large and has a cosy vibe."

For doula support...

"This was my second birth and I was determined to have a different experience to my first. Sara was at my side throughout my labour and was an absolute pillar of support. I definitely could not have got through it without her, especially as my husband wasn’t sure he’d last the distance. She was incredibly practical and nurturing, making cups of herbal tea and offering hands on massage during contractions. She always took the initiative and I was so grateful for that as she seemed to know exactly what to do. I loved being able to confer with her when there was a decision to be made as she always had wise advice. When things weren’t progressing and it was looking like I was heading for another C-section, Sara was grounded, empathetic and reassuring. Then when the good news came that I could deliver naturally, her excitement matched my own. It really was a magical experience and one that I was thrilled to share with her. I honestly felt like I’d gained a sister overnight. I would recommend Sara to anyone as a doula – she has tremendous stamina, a great big heart and is worth her weight in gold."

"Sara is very calm and supportive. I appreciated her relaxed attitude, which I thought would be essential during the birth. She was also non judgemental when it came to my birth choices, which I really appreciated. Sara was very supportive and open about my concerns and needs. I also liked that she was a yoga instructor. The class she gave me as part of the package was great. Postnatally, Sara helped me a lot and was very flexible about what she could do - from cooking and tidying up to watching Leo while I rested. It was really nice to have someone to talk to, particularly in those early weeks."

"Sara provided both emotional and practical support after the birth. She visited me in the hospital while I was recovering, and helped me process my birth and breastfeeding, both of which did not go according to plan. In the weeks following the birth, Sara came to the house and did practical stuff- cooked delicious meals, hung up the washing, walked the dog, held the baby... She was also great to talk to about baby crying, sleep, breastfeeding, etc. This was especially helpful as my partner works out of town 3 days a week and I am on my own. Sara was very helpful in this vulnerable period following the birth. I was glad to work with her."